Voice Formatting within Google Docs

gDocs Voice Typing MenuRecently Google Docs added a speech-to-text option as part of the toolbox. The speech recognition that has been built into Docs has shown to be rather robust, especially for a tool that is a free add-on built-in to the app. Now, Google has expanded their Voice Typing tool by arming it with an array of voice commands to help you format/edit your text without ever having to touch your keyboard or trackpad/mouse.

For example, when you are dictating to your Google Doc you can use voice commands to select a word, a line, or the entire document. You can change the font of a word to bold or assign a heading style to a word or phrase. You can even start a bulleted list with your voice. A full list of Google’s voice commands can be found on their Google Docs Support Site or by clicking here. Please note that at this time voice commands are available in English only.

To see Google’s voice commands in action, check out this screencast video from The Gooru.

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