Google Drive for Mac/PC: Selective Syncing

Google Drive for Mac/PC is a desktop application that allows you to sync the contents of your Google Drive in the cloud to a folder stored locally on your Mac/PC. This service provides several important services:

  • Manage files and folders from your Desktop as well as via the web interface.
  • Offline access to your Google Apps files.
  • A backup of your non-Google files (e.g. iWork, SMART Notebook, Photoshop), but without having to download the files to your computer every time you want to work on them.

However, while Google Drive can hold terabytes of data your computer’s hard drive may not. That is why Google has updated their app to allow users to selectively sync folders and subfolders. When you choose to remove a folder from syncing, it and its contents will be removed from the local folder stored on your hard drive (thereby freeing up valuable disk space) but will still be accessible via the Google Drive web interface.


In addition, if you choose to delete a Google Drive file from your Desktop that has been shared, Drive will give you a “heads up” that this action may cause those users to lose  shared access.

For more information, check out their post on the Google Drive Blog.


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