Google Calendar Mobile App: Goals

ReScreen Shot 2016-04-22 at 3.59.38 PMcently Google added Reminders to the mobile Calendar app, allowing you to add an a reminder to your to-do list that will move with you from day-to-day until you complete it. Now, Google has gone a step further and added Goals to their mobile app. Unlike Reminders where you program in the when and whether or not it needs to repeat, Goals scans your schedule looking for the best times and then pencils itself in.

To begin, click the plus sign in the bottom-right corner in the Calendar app and from the pop-up choose the ‘Goal’ option.

  1. Choose from five different categories: Exercise, Build a skill, Friends & Family, Me time, and Organizing my life.
  2. Answer a few questions to help Calendar determine the what, frequency, duration, and what part of the day would be the best time to schedule your goal. If none of the questions fit your particular goal, each one has a ‘Custom…‘ field.
  3. Before Calendar begins crunching on the data provided, you will have the option to look over all of the information and make changes if necessary.

Once a goal has been set, Calendar will monitor your progress and make adjustments along the way. For example, if you schedule an event that conflicts with a goal then Calendar will automatically reschedule the goal. Can’t make a scheduled goal time? Then tap on the goal and select ‘DEFER.’ Best of all, the more you use Goals the better Calendar will get at selecting the best times to schedule your goals. Check out the full story over at the Official Google Blog.


  • Do you have a reading goal for your students? Have students use Goals to help find them fit in that 30 minutes of book time.
  • Use Goals to promote acts of kindness. The cool thing is that kindness can be anything and happen at anytime.

Goals complete_FINAL


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