Twitter Fictional Account Template (gDrawing)

In my Digital Citizenship lesson about Private vs. Personal information sharing, we discuss how to make good choices about what we choose to share with others online. Personal information, like a shadow, provides an outline of who we are without giving away any specific details (e.g. one’s age, favorite food, or pets name). Private information, like a mirror image, provides specific details about ourselves (e.g. full name, street address, date of birth).  I already use a Google Drawing template of a Facebook profile (adapted from a Historical Facebook template) that students fill out. Students must ask themselves the question each time: is the information Private or Personal? Now we have another social media profile template: Twitter.

The Twitter fictional account template is another Google Drawing file that students can copy use the File -> Make a copy… tool. The template asks students to select a profile picture and background image. In addition to name and username, students need to provide a small write-up for their bio as well as links to their location, website, and birthdate. The template also provides up to three follower profile templates for students to fill out. Because anyone can search Twitter without an account, it is even more important that students carefully consider the information they choose to share on their profile.

Fake Twitter Profile SS


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