Reminders Come to Google ‘Web’ Calendar

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 8.57.57 AMBack in December I shared the news from Google that a new tool was being introduced to their mobile version of Google Calendar: Reminders. Unlike the Tasks tool in Google Calendar for the web, Reminders will “stick around” if they do not get resolved by their assigned due date and remain at the top of the current day’s agenda until you’ve completed the task and “swipe it away.”

Recently Google announced that Reminders will become part of Google Calendar for the web too. Some of the key features of Reminders are:

  • Set specific dates and times to get notified.
  • Reminders carry forward into future days until they are marked as ‘done.’
  • Reminders created in the Google App, Google Keep, and Google Inbox will also show up in Calendar.
  • Reminders are private to the calendar owner and are not visible to others, even if they have been shared.


NOTE: If you have enabled Tasks in Google Calendar than you will need to manually switch over to Reminders.


For more information, check out the Google Apps Updates Blog or the Google Calendar Help Center.


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