– Syncronized Notes w/Videos is a powerful note-taking tool designed specifically for streaming media. In a nutshell, as you watch a video in the left-hand panel jot down notes in the right-hand panel. As you type the site links the text to the timestamp in the video that correlates to your note. Because the site supports logging in with your Google Apps account, your notes are stored in the cloud via Google Drive automatically. And, because they are stored in Google Drive you can share them with others. The site works with several streaming services including Khan Academy, Vimeo, and YouTube.

A couple of additional features to take note of:

  • Screen_Shot_2016-10-24_at_11_28_04_AM.pngOnce you authorize to access your Google Apps account, it will create a folder under your Drive directory called “” where all of your note files will be saved to.
  • If you choose to share a file, you will see the same Google Drive sharing widow as you would for a Google Doc. The site will recognize both the ‘edit’ and ‘view only’ share options.
  • When opening a file from Drive, you may receive a No preview available error. If so, then look for the link to under the ‘Connected apps’ heading.

For more information please watch this video from BetterCloud MONITOR and/or read their article on this handy note-taking tool.


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