Expiration Dates for your Google Drive Files

No, your Google Drive files don’t “spoil” and have to be thrown out. Rather, expiration dates refer to the file owner’s ability to set a pre-determined date when a user’s access to a file will be rescinded. This applies to any user who has been granted ‘Can comment’ or ‘Can view’ access; owners and collaborators (i.e. users with edit permissions) cannot have an expiration date applied to them.

To set an expiration date on a file:

  • Locate the file and access the Share tool.
  • From the initial Share window, locate and click on the ‘Advanced’ link in the bottom-right corner.


  • On the Advanced share screen, locate the user whose access to the file you’d like to set an expiration date for. Remember that this feature applies to users with comment or view-only access. Hover over the user to reveal the expiration date stopwatch icon, then click to activate.


  • The default expiration date is 30 days from the current date, however you can click the disclosure triangle to change this to 7 days or set your own custom expiration date.

Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 10.50.50 AM.png

  • You can set different expiration dates for different users.
  • Expiration dates can be verified from the Advanced share screen at any time.
  • To disable an expiration, click on the ‘Cancel expiration’ link from the Advanced Share window.

For more information, please refer to the G Suites blog post here.



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