Google Material Icons Library

Icons come in handy when you need to add a little extra emphasis to a slide, provide a visual in a tutorial, or breakup a document full of text. Google has built a library of open source icons grouped under themes such as actions, communication, hardware, maps and more!

To use:

  1. Locate an icon (Hint: use your browser’s ‘Find’ command to search the library by keyword).
  2. Single-click on the icon to activate a pop-up toolbar along the bottom of the page. Use this toolbar to select your dp (dimensional pixels), color (black or white), and file download type (.svg or .png).
  3. If you choose to download the icon as a .png, note that this will give you different versions of the icon formatted for Android, iOS, and web use.

These icons are open source and while attribution (i.e. give credit) is appreciated but not required, Google does ask that users do not re-sell these icons.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 9.51.43 AM

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