WeVideo & Chromebooks: Green Screen Effect

What is it?

  • In WeVideo, the term ‘Color Keying’ is used to describe what others might call the green (or blue) screen effect.
  • A color keying effect allows the user to edit out the background color and replace it with any image of their choosing.
  • While traditionally this color background is either green or blue (hence the term ‘green screen’ effect) it doesn’t have to be. You can use any background color as long as it is uniformly lit (i.e. doesn’t change shades and is without shadows) and does match anything else in the scene such as the actor’s clothing.
  • Unlike filming using the DoInk app on the iPad (which was an invaluable tool when we were 1-to-1 iPads), users do NOT have to have their backgrounds selected and uploaded prior to filming. This makes trying out different backgrounds for a scene much easier for students to experiment with.
  • Please note that the Color Keying tool is not available in the free version of WeVideo and requires a paid subscription to access.

How it works

  • Here out the video is a video that will demonstrate how the color keying tool can be used in WeVideo.

For more information and step-by-step directions, please refer to Color Keying (Green/Blue Screen) article found on the WeVideo Support site.

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