Gmail Gets a Facelift & It’s Looking Good!

Last week Google announced a major refit to one of their core GSuite apps: Gmail. The updates to Gmail blend many different tools and settings together, with some pulled from what used to be available only through their Gmail Labs tab or from their other Email app: Inbox. The new Gmail can be activated now on personal accounts from the Settings gear icon; organization Gmail accounts (i.e. enterprise and education) will need to wait for their Google admin to turn this feature on.

Try new Gmail menu option

To get a quick rundown of the features that come with the new Gmail you can check out this summary on their Keyword blog, or you can read this product guide from the Gmail Help Desk. I would also encourage you to check out this video from our Technology Department that shows some of the key features in action:

NOTE: I mentioned earlier the Labs tab in the classic Gmail. This information is still available but the tab has been renamed to “Advanced” in the new Gmail interface.

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