Google Classroom Update: Classwork “Materials”

Google Classroom Materials iconWhen Google released their updates for Google Classroom this past August, one of the changes made reduced the ‘About’ section from a major tab to a text link located in the bottom-right corner of the Classroom banner on the Stream tab. This saddened many teachers who had used the About section to store static files and resources that they wanted students to have easy access to through the class term. True to their word, Google has listened to our feedback and in their most recent update added a new feature to the Classwork tab called “Materials.”

Add Materials to Classroom animated gif

  • Materials provides fields to enter a title and description for the post.
  • Add multiple resources to a Materials post using the same options available in an Assignment post.
  • Materials posts can be saved in draft form and scheduled for publication just like an Assignment, Question, or Announcement.
  • If choose to not add a topic keyword to your Materials post, then the post will be displayed at the top of the Classwork page.

Classroom Materials Post sample

For more information, please refer to the Google Classroom Support site.


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