Google Classroom Update: Class Settings

In my post from last week I talked about how to digitally breathe new life into the ‘About’ section through the use of the new Class settings tool. But, this tool contains additional settings that you might find useful.

How it works

  • Class settings is the new place for your class description and the location (room number) of your classroom.

Class settings editor window

  • Class code drop-down menu optionsPreviously found under the STUDENTS tab, management and display of your class code can now be accessed here. The options to Display the code, Copy the code to include in an email or slide presentation, Reset your code and Disable the class code are all still available from this location.




  • Previously located to the left of posts on the STREAM tab, the ability to set student commenting permissions on the STREAM tab is now located here.

Stream settings for student commenting abilities

  • The Show deleted items toggle switch is now located here as well.

Show deleted items toggle switch in Class settings

Deleted posts displayed at the bottom of the Classwork tab

  • Finally, from here you can turn on Guardian Summaries for a particular class. Once activated, this class will be included in any Guardian Summary communication for the students who are enrolled in that class.
  • A link to what a sample guardian email summary might look is also provided.

Enable/disable Guardian Summaries for this class

For more information on this and other changes to Classroom, please visit the Google Classroom Support site.

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