“Copy Formatting” Enhancements Come to Google Slides

Paint Format tool icon in Google Docs, Slides, SheetsIn a previous post, I talked about how users can use the Paint Format tool to quickly transfer format settings to other objects inside of a Google Doc. In addition, double-clicking on the Paint Format tool will lock it into the “on” position or what Google calls “persistent” mode. This allows the user to transfer the format settings to multiple objects throughout the document. While the Paint Format tool has been available in other Google Drive apps, the ability to lock the tool into persistent mode has been available in Google Docs exclusively…until now.

Google Slides now has access to the “persistent” mode option for the Paint Format tool, allowing users to quickly and easy apply a specific formatting design to multiple objects across multiple slides.

Animated GIF showing persistent mode of the Paint Format tool

For more information, please refer to Google’s post from their G Suite Updates blog.

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