Google Classroom Update: Is This the End of the ‘About’ Tool?

Google Classroom About section text link

When Google Classroom took the stage, one of the primary tabs present in each class was the ‘About’ tab. Here teachers could enter the class name, description, location, and upload resources that they wanted students to have access to throughout their enrollment in the class. This past summer Google Classroom received a major update that demoted the ‘About’ tab to a link on the Classroom banner of the Stream tab, but it still served a purpose and was linked to the new Class Settings tool. With the latest changes to Google Classroom being rolled out, the ‘About’ tool has been changed yet again.

In the latest version of Classroom, the Class Settings tool is still available and includes a place to add a class description that can include resource links.

Classroom Class Settings/Details window.
Class Settings Info – Teacher view

For students, this information is now accessible from a drop-down drawer underneath the Classroom banner on the Stream tab. Unfortunately the text formatting has been removed and any resource links are displayed in plain text.

Classroom drop-down drawer with Class Settings info. displayed.
Class Settings Info – Student view

Maybe I’m being too nostalgic in wanting the ‘About’ tool to continue to act as a place to store resources for students. Perhaps I need to make piece with this and make the transition to using the Materials post option in the Classwork tab. If this is the case then so be it, and I will bid a final fond farewell to the ‘About’ tool; you served teachers and students well.

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