Google Classroom Update: Classwork on the Stream

Class settings icon inside of a Google Classroom class

In an attempt to give teachers more control over how the Stream tab displays content, Google has added an additional option under the Class settings tool called Classwork on the stream.

How does it work?

  1. Select a class card from the Classes homescreen of Google Classroom.
  2. Click on the Class settings gear icon in the top-right corner of a class.
  3. Scan down to the General section to locate the Classwork on the stream setting.
Classwork on the stream option under Class settings in Google Classroom

Show attachments and details: This will show the full text the teacher has added to the Instructions section and any attachments added to the Classwork post. If the post is an assignment, then students will also see the status of the assignment (Assigned, Turned In, Graded, Returned, and Missing) in the top-right corner.

Show attachments and details display example from the Classwork on the stream setting

Show condensed notifications: This is the standard view that was established with the changes made to Classroom back in the fall.

Show condensed notifications display example from the Classwork on the stream setting

Hide notifications: This option will remove all Classwork posts from the Stream tab. Posts that the teacher creates from the Stream tab will still be visible. Class comments made by students will also remain visible if the teacher has enabled this option.

For more information on the new Classwork on the stream setting, please refer to this page from the Classroom Help site.

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