CSM Digital Citizenship Curriculum Revamp: Grades 3-8

Starting back in the fall of 2018, Common Sense Media began to revamp their K-12 Digital Citizenship Curriculum to better match the topics, issues, and challenges that students, teachers, and parents are facing in this ever-changing digital world. The new curriculum, revised up to grade 8, can be sorted by grade level or by one of six topic categories, down from the original eight.

There are a lot of things that I like about the revised curriculum:

  • Overview: A really nice summary and “snapshot” of the lesson with learning targets, major activity components, and a list of “what you’ll need” to carry out the lesson.
  • Lesson plan accessibility: Lesson plans can now be investigated in full right on the website. Step-by-step directions, time frames, and links to resources are all included. A full list of the resources that are included is clearly displayed on the right as is a button to download a printable version of the lesson.
  • Google Drive integration: Each lesson comes with a slide deck, teacher and student versions of activities, and a student assessment that are already formatted for Google Slides, Docs, and Forms respectfully. This makes integration with Google Drive and Classroom so much more seamless. If you’re not a GSuite for Education user, then you can still download the files as their Microsoft equivalent, a PDF or several other options.
Google Docs "Download as" options menu

Common Sense Media continues to work on updating the curriculum, specifically for grades 9-12, so stay tuned for more news on this! And don’t forget to take note of the Creative Commons licensing for each of their lesson plan components.

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