HowTo – iOS Apps Mangement

In my school, each elementary grade level has access to a cart of 30-35 student iPads. While each teacher could sign out the entire contents of the cart, most have chosen to have their own set of 5 iPads to use as a center in their classroom. In this configuration, they would like to be able to configure their set of 5 with the apps that were downloaded/purchased from the cart according to their own style.

This tutorial shows how to access the purchase history of the Apple ID associated with an iPad so that the teacher can pick and choose which apps they would like on their set of student iPads. Teachers can then organize/group the apps as they see fit. One example is to put certain apps into numeric groups. Then, when students are given the option to use the iPads, the teacher can specify which group of apps they may choose from (i.e. “When you go to the iPad center, you can choose any app from Group 3.”).

If you have another way/idea to organize apps on student iPads then please share in the comments below.