Google Newspaper Archives (Gr. 6-12)

Google Newspaper Archives – Read newspapers from around the world!

From part of the Google News app, the newspaper archives contains digital versions of various newspaper editions from around the world from various points in time. Search the archive by keyword or alphabetically, or if you know the specific newspaper by name use the ‘Find’ command (Ctrl+F or Cmd+F) to quickly locate the newspaper in question. Each newspaper listing shows the number of issues contained within and the time span covered (note that there may be gaps within the timelines).

Clicking on a newspaper will take you to a new window with a horizontal timeline organized by year. You can adjust the display settings so that the timeline is organized by day, week, month, year, or decade.¬†At the top of each column you will see the number of available issues. Clicking on an issue will bring up a page-by-page view with options to scroll, fit to height, and view fullscreen. Use the ‘Link to Article’ tool to generate a link to a specific article within a specific newspaper issue.


  • Compare and contrast news headlines from different newspapers from different places around the world.
  • Compare writing styles from different time periods.

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Website of the Week: Rag Linen

Rag Linen: An online museum of historical newspapers (Gr. 6-12)

Rag Linen is an educational gold mine that contains archives of rare and historic newspapers. Most of the collections focus on news and events from North America and U.S. history. In addition to newspapers, the site also offers video resources, recommended books on the history of newspapers and journalism, subscription to their blog and links to many other related blog sites and more.


  • This site can be a great primary resource site for students doing research into U.S. history.
  • Students can compare and contrast how newspapers from the time reported on an event vs. how today’s textbooks and other resources tell the story.

Educational Archived Newspapers

Thanks to FreeTech4Teachers for sharing this site.