Forming a Relationship with Google Forms

Our IT department has decided to try something different when it comes to providing professional development to staff. We have been hard at work producing videos that cover various tools and tips in a more conversational format. Below is our introduction to Google Forms, hosted by yours truly and Tom Rup, our network administrator.



Website of the Week: Let Me Google That For You

LMGTFY – Empowering others with essential Internet skills

The About page on the website says it all: “This is for all those people who find it more convenient to bother you with their question rather than google it for themselves.”

To start, type in the search term(s) that a student or colleague has asked you about in the box provided, then click one of the Google Search buttons below. The site will automatically generate a custom URL for you to then copy-&-paste into an email, chat, or blog post back to the holder of the question. When the recipient clicks on the link, it will take them to the Google homepage and they can sit back and watch as the system reproduces your steps (1. Type in the search term, 2. Click Search) and takes them to a real Google Search results page on their requested topic. Click here for an example.


  • I don’t see the use of this site as a refusal to help someone in need, but rather to show/empower them with the knowledge so that they can become betters users of technology and more efficient in its application. Just like when a student asks you how to spell a vocabulary word, you ask them to look the word up in the dictionary.
  • Use this tool to generate examples of how to do custom searches using specific terms such as “and,”  “or,” or how the use of quotation marks can affect search results.

Screenshot of "Let Me Google That For You" website in action

Geo Teachers Institute

July 21-22

A free professional development opportunity for educators, the Geo Teachers Institute is designed to help teachers take full advantage of Google’s Geo suite of applications (Google Earth, Maps, and SketchUp). The end goal of this event is to “empower” teachers to expose students to the world of geography in new and exciting ways.

  • Read the Google announcement here.
  • To apply or request additional information, email:

Geo Teachers Institute-Google