Google Classroom Update: Another Way to Use The ‘About’ Section

Google Classroom About section text linkLast week I posted that Google had taken notice of our feedback about needing a place to store static files like syllabi, resource links, and other items that we want students to be able to access throughout the class term. They did this by creating a new option on the Classwork tab called “Materials.” What I want to show you in this post is another option available to us for posting long-term ressources that takes advantage of a connection between the Class Settings tool and the About section. The About section still exists, albeit reduced to a simple text link. It is located in the bottom-right corner of the Classroom banner on the Stream tab.

How it works

  • In the new Google Classroom, click on the gear icon located in the top-right corner of the Classroom banner to access the new Class settings page.

Classroom "Class settings" gear icon

  • Click the pencil icon to Edit and add a class description and optional room number information.

Classroom "Class settings" window with Edit option highlighted

Class settings editor window

  • Now here’s where the workaround comes in. In the Class description section add links to the resources you want students to have easy access to throughout the class term. To help keep the links clean and manageable, use a URL shortener tool such as the URL shortener┬áChrome extension, Bitly or a shortener tool of your own choosing.
  • When you’re done entering in resources, click SAVE. Notice that your links become active automatically.
Class settings window with info. added

Teacher view via ‘Class settings’

  • Now, when students go into your class and click the ‘About’ text link, they will see all of this information including the links to your resources.
About section student view with resource info. added

Student view via ‘About’ link

My thanks to Christy Cate for sharing this great workaround on the EdTechTeam Google Plus Community.