WeVideo & Chromebooks: Connecting to Google Drive

In last weeks post I covered how to get started with WeVideo and setup your account. Once this is achieved, the next thing to do is connect your WeVideo account to a cloud storage service that you can send your finished videos to. WeVideo supports different video destinations depending on what type of account you have:

  • FREE accounts have more destination options but limits on video quality and automatically includes a watermark.
  • EDU accounts support fewer options but more choices on video quality and no watermark requirement. EDU accounts also come with Google Classroom integration, which I will cover in more detail next week.

Video destination options for free accounts        Video destination options for education accounts

For the purposes of this post, I will cover directions for connecting your WeVideo account to Google Drive.

Connecting to Google DriveWeVideo avatar menu with manage account option

  • Locate your avatar in the top-right corner of the window and from the drop-down menu select: Manage account.
  • Under Video destinations, locate the option for Google Drive then click the corresponding CONNECT button to set up.

Video destinations Google Drive option

  • Follow the directions to authentic your Google account and grant permissions to WeVideo to manage the files in your Google Drive.
  • If the Google Drive icon turns yellow, then you have successfully connected the two apps. This will allow WeVideo to export finished video projects directly to a WeVideo folder in your Drive, which can then be easily shared, added to an assignment in Google Classroom, etc.

WeVideo Connection to Google Drive confirmed

WeVideo folder in Google Drive


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