This – Is – Jeopardy…w/Google Sheets &

Quiz Show Game Board, makers of activity templates for Google Sheets, has created one that mimics the classic Jeopardy game show board. In four steps you can customize a game board consisting of six topic columns with five question-&-answer squares each.

Step #1: Use this link to access a  ‘view-only’ version of the template from their website, which will open in Google Sheets. Use the Google Sheets File Menu to ‘Make a copy…’ so that you can edit the game board content. Customize the topic columns, question cells, and corresponding answer cells. Use the row headers to keep track of which questions cells are paired to which answer cells.


Step #2: Once you have finished customizing your game board, use the Google Sheets File Menu to ‘Publish to the web…’ From the pop-up menu, verify that you are publishing the ‘Entire Document’ to a ‘Link,’ then choose ‘Publish.’ Copy the URL that is generated to the virtual clipboard and then return to the game board.

Step #3: At the bottom of the Google Sheets project locate and click on the second sheet entitled, ‘Get the Link Here.’ Paste the ‘Publish link’ you just copied into the designated cell. This will auto-generate a Flippity link to your quiz show.

Step #4: Copy-&-Paste the Flippity link into a new browser tab/window to load your quiz show gameScreen Shot 2014-12-03 at 2.45.53 PM board. To the left of the game board are your colored team markers. Use these to submit team answers and it will automatically keep track of each team’s score. Use the plus/minus signs at the bottom of the page to add/subtract the number of teams who as needed (min = 1, max = 6).

For each square:

  1. Click once on a point value to reveal the question.
  2. Click on the question to reveal the answer.
  3. For each team marker click the checkmark (green) if they provided the correct answer, click the X (red) if their answer was incorrect, or leave both blank if they failed to provide an answer within the allocated time. Click the answer square to return to the game board, where that question will now be grayed out to show it has been used.
  4. Correct answers earns points, incorrect answers lose points, and no answers neither gain nor lose points.

Additional features:

  • Insert the Flippity link into your website for easy access in class and/or as a practice tool for students to use.
  • You can embed YouTube videos into a question/answer cell from the YouTube ‘Share’ link.
  • You can embed an image into a question/answer cell from the web.


  • Because you can embed an image, you could also embed a QR Code. Use QR codes in conjunction with mobile devices to get teams to use their search skills with a specific resource in order to find the answer.
  • To temporarily take down your game board for repairs, use the Google Sheets File -> Publish to web… menu option to un-publish the file. Just remember to re-publish when you’ve finished making changes.
  • You cannot save your game process, so if you close your browser window/tab mid-game then teams will lose the points they had earned.

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